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Innovation in natural fibres 

Banfab’s burning desire comes from its determination to contribute to the society at large through innovation. Our ceaseless commitment to innovation again is a result of our willingness to tread paths where no one has travelled. Our innovation is focussed on creating sustainable products out of natural resources available in abundance and not used properly.  Our attention is on Natural Fibres and make them highly useful through innovation.
Our excitement in Natural Fibres comes out of unbounded benefits they offer- be it sustainable, bio degradable, eco friendly and ever lasting without damaging the Mother Earth. Rather our technologies are directed towards healing the harm being done to the society and environment by synthetic fibres.
For starters, we have successfully innovated in the use and application of Banana Fibre Yarn synthetic fibers which could potentially replace to a large extent the use of synthetic fibres in areas such as textiles, footwear, renewable energy, Boat and Yacht manufacturing, air craft manufacturing, car manufacturing, etc.,
Banana Fibre is set to disrupt the synthetic fibre market in the years to come. Fortunately the Banana tree after yielding the fruit is not put to farmer useless find it difficult to remove. Our ability to use the tree after its life is a blessing in disguise for the farming community as they are able to realise better remuneration by selling the extracted banana fiber.

Acoustic Soundproof Panels In
Agriculture Composites

Our sustainable innovation in Banana Fibre encouraged us to scan a number of other agricompsites. Our Research and Development has yielded very positive results in using agricompsites such as Rice husk, haystack, groundnut outer shell, Betal nut leaves & skin etc., for acoustic panels which is one of the key building materials. Here again the building materials industry will be a huge beneficiary when they start using acoustic panels made from agricompsites. Where most people struggle to have 100 % bio degradable, eco friendly and sustainable solutions, we offer all these benefits bundled up in our acoustic panels.

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Billions of sports shoes are sold annually all over the world. Quite a large per cent of them are made from materials that are neither sustainable nor bio degradable. We are in the final stage of our innovation in using Natural Fibres to manufacture soles that will win over synthetic materials currently being used . Calendar 2022 will be a blockbuster year for Banfab and our journey has just begun.

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