Our Innovation 

Welcome! We are the only textile mill in India producing banana fiber yarn for woven fabrics, knitting fabrics, & canvas fabrics.

High Quality

Stringent quality controls from prototyping to bulk clothing manufacturing are maintained. AQL standards are set by our buyers and we work hard to achieve the same.

Custom Services

Processing, Grading, Fabric Manufacturing are customized according to our client satisfaction makes us a full service of yarn manufacturer.


We are the first in introducing sustainable innovation textile products like banana fiber yarn & fabric manufacturer in the textile industry. After two long years of Research & development work, we invented this.


Yarns – 4\’s,   5\’s,  7\’s,  12\’s, 20\’s, 30\’s, 40\’s Count. Craft Products in Raw Banana Fiber.

We are a bespoke custom cut & luxury garments and fabrics export house in Coimbatore.


Our process:

Raw Banana Tree

Extracted Banan Fibers

Banana Fiber Process

Banana Fiber Yarn

Fabrics Made By Banana Fiber Yarn

Craft Products

Committed to sustainable textiles products

At Banfab, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards as we always have the thirst to remain one of the best custom clothing manufacturers.

Step into green, Accept the changes!


No.12, SJ Manson, Dr Subbarayan St, Tatabad, Coimbatore -12
Tamil Nadu, India.

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M. [email protected]
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